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Poster for Mondo Comedy – January Edition

Mondo Comedy – January Edition

Opens on December 29

Run Time: 120 min.

Join host Greg Boggis for a night of laughs with:

Headliner: Chris Tabb.
Special guests: Malik Haddadi, Peter Liu, Praise.

Chris Tabb:

Get ready and get set for a wild, wild ride with “The Showman”, Chris Tabb!
Like a shot from comedy cannon he comes at you full blast with the intent of bringing “the whole show”. 

The fact that he wants to make your face hurt, draw tears and spit your drink out only makes him sound mean but in this case, it’s a good thing.

Usually described as “high octane”, his performance which continually switches between observational, physical and theatrical.
Honing his craft in the comedy rich Boston, MA, for over 15 years Chris has followed his dreams and his passion to create his own brand of humor which he simply describes as “everyone is included in the fun”.

His hosting/emcee skills are “unique and unmatched” as he brings the perfect balance of humor and or information to your event. Whether it’s raising donations, bids or keeping your guests informed, Chris is the “do it all, perfect host”.