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Our theater is a hidden gem, reminiscent of a time when movie palaces were commonplace. We feature first-run independent film, classics, and live events. Some of our regular events include:

Weirdo Wednesday: SEE the Rare and Obscure Oddities of the silver screen! Everything from annals of Horror, Sci-fi, Cult, and Exploitation films from all eras! From the beginning of Cinema to films newest eccentricities! WITNESS Bizarre motion pictures that maybe should have never been dug up! All FREE with membership! The only twistedly odd and sometimes sinister catch is….. You will never know what we are showing until 7:30pm on Wednesday!

What is Sasqua? Find out more here about how The Luna Theater is helping to track down a lost holy grail of Bigfoot cinema that was shot in Lowell in 1974 and how you can help us!

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