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Poster for Queer Short Film Night

Queer Short Film Night

Opens on June 18

Run Time: 70 min.

Queer Short Film Night at The Luna Theater

Total Runtime 70 min.


Assigned Female At Birth, Directed by Lyralen Kaye – 10:25

Assigned Female at Birth is a hybrid narrative/documentary series that tells the story of 25 AFAB people fighting everything they’ve been taught about their bodies never being good enough. The three main story lines follow Zander, an agender trans man who wants to have a baby, Makayla, a Black lesbian married to a trans man who has just gotten a new penis and Daire, non-binary therapist to both the other families with a diagnosis of their own. Mockumentary choruses of diverse and multicultural queer identities enrich the fictional story lines as well as teach about queer lives.


Kelly’s Quest, the Transnational Journey Directed by Kelly Jenkins and Patrick Snow – 12:00

In this series Trans Advocate, Special Edication Teacer and Professional Disc Golfer Kelly Jenkins travels to all 50 states to interview trailblazers in Transgender rights in every part of America, each episode set on a unique Disc Golf course.


Loose Threads and the Silly little Exorcism, Directed by Jacqueline Hillebrecht – 4:11

In a world where soul mates are connected through the mystical red thread of fate, a young transgender woman named Emma will do anything to win the heart of her best friend Katie – resulting in the accidental release of malevolent deity.


Pine Mountain Overnight, Directed by Geena M. Hernandez – 13:40

On a school camping trip to the mountains, a naive teen navigates the unfamiliar landscape of puberty… but it turns out hormones aren’t the only things raging out there in the wilderness.


All the Young Dudes, Directed by William Stead – 8:00

Georgia, USA, 1973. Through his love of British glam rock, Billy rebels against his conservative high school, unleashing havoc upon the student body; inadvertently inspiring admiration from Jacob, a closeted glam child with a desire to walk on the wild side…


Battle of Boyhood, Directed by Elliot Gale – 3:12

“Battle of Boyhood” tells a story of nostalgia, gender, and growing up as a trans person. The project started with a glimmer of an idea – the knowledge that it would explore what it means to miss and mourn one’s childhood self.  It is a revisitation of the artist’s gender transition, from the moment they were born to the present day. It is a deep dive into the past to form a promise of the future.


LGBTQ Experiences in Teens, Directed by Jaelyn Rodriguez – 3:48

This is a short film I made for a documentary project for school. I chose to film my girlfriend. I asked them different questions about how they have dealt with different situations being part of the LGBTQ+ community. I knew I was a lesbian when I was in 8th grade and it was the most difficult and stressful time of my life, so I made this documentary in hopes to inform other teens finding themselves that they aren’t alone, and to also inform older generations on experiences teens sometimes go through being part of the community.


Lifeline, Directed by Jack Boyle – 9:27

Thanks to the LifeLine, a depressed and turmoiled 16 year old Jack can make only one call in his life to his future self– but on one condition: the call will be erased from each other’s memories shortly after. Watch how the conversation unravels, and who REALLY influences each other the most over this call.


A Thousand Words, Directed by Kely Maloney – 5:19

A young woman residing in Boston details her coming out story and the impact it had on her relationships with family members.

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