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Poster for PWRUP | Threat Level Burgundy | Magnificent Danger | Punk Cellist

PWRUP | Threat Level Burgundy | Magnificent Danger | Punk Cellist

Run Time: 180 min.

PWRUP | Threat Level Burgundy | Magnificent Danger | Punk Cellist at The Overlook (5th floor


Hefty, lefty, working class, heavy, shreddy, ska, punk, and thrash. These are just a few words that come to mind when describing PWRUP. Since their inception in 2018, the Mill City has always been like a second home for Western Mass’s premier skacore band, and they are so excited to come back and rock the house down once again. For fans of NOFX, Folly, The Flaming Tsunamis, and Big D & the Kids Table.


Threat Level Burgundy is a band that plays music that is kind of like ska, kind of like punk and sometimes kind of like emo. Often playing cheery upbeat songs with lyrics that make you think, “Wow, are these guys okay? They sound like they’re going through a lot right now” or “Wow, so are all the songs about video games and Star Wars?” Either way it’s going to be a good time so try not to worry about it!


Magnificent Danger is a collective of mobile brass and percussion dishing out weird and funky mashups of iconic tunes from your favorite video games and anime. The band’s eclectic fusion of big band, New Orleans second line, riot jazz, funk, and hip-hop creates a bizarre but danceable party appreciated by musicians and nerds alike.


Ian Legge, also known as The Punk Cellist, is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music. He blends punk rock and classical music on his cello, creating a unique sound that has garnered him a growing community of fans. He has recorded cello tracks for Sum 41, Fat Mike’s Strung Out via Bottles To The Ground, and Jason Devore of Authority Zero. He performs his arrangements at shows and festivals with a backing band and is also a successful wedding cellist. Legge continues to push the boundaries of what the cello can do while sharing his love of punk music with audiences far and wide.

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