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Poster for Negativland Live Double-Feature
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Negativland Live Double-Feature

Opens on June 2

Run Time: 240 min.


Negativland + SUE-C return to Lowell, Massachusetts in the Spring of 2024 with a Special LIVE Double-Feature!

Legendary sound collage group Negativland and “real-time cinema” visual
artist SUE-C collaborate to bring you their latest audio-visual performance
about our minds, our realities, and the evolving forms of media and
technology that orchestrate our perceptions: WE CAN REALLY FEEL LIKE WE’RE HERE.

Not only will we be screening the amazing documentary Stand By For Failure (from Director Ryan Worsley) again, but this will be followed by a live stage performance of Negativland in WE CAN REALLY FEEL LIKE WE’RE HERE accompanied by SUE-C’s sumptuous visuals!

On Negativland:

“Negativland have made a rewarding career out of being prodigious consumers of media who then digest it and recontextualize it, emphasizing mediated reality’s crazy-making absurdity and the infinite malleability of perception and ‘truth.’”

– Dave Segal, The Stranger

“Negativland are proud subverters of culture, causing trouble while having fun.”

– NPR Tiny Desk Concert

On Stand By For Failure [Director: Ryan Worsley]:

“Few artists have logged as many hours on the battlefield of fair use, let alone questioned as persistently the associated legal constraints around intellectual property, as Negativland, whose sonic, visual and performance appropriations and parodies have challenged eyeballs, eardrums and moral standards alike since the late 1970s.”


“40+ years of Negativland metamedia, recontextualized into popular feature length documentary entertainment format by Ryan Worsley. You’ve seen and heard it all! But you’ve never seen and heard it like this! ”


Tickets Available NOW!


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